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The White Egg and Brown Egg Conundrum

I love eggs. And it is always confusion time when I’m in front of the Dairy aisle, looking to pick up eggs, for I’m always torn between the white and the brown eggs. Which one is healthier and which one is cheaper? What tastes better?

Well, to put a stop to the indecisiveness and stop just standing there and staring at the eggs, I did some research, and here is what I found. There is literally no difference between the white and brown eggs in terms of nutrition or quality! It’s just that white eggs come from white feathered chickens with white earlobes and brown eggs come from red feathered chicken with red ear lobes. Besides that, there is simply no difference.


Then why do brown eggs cost more than white eggs? Well, it’s just that chickens that lay brown eggs are larger in size and hence need more feed, which results in higher consumer price for the brown eggs.

So, now you know! No staring at eggs from now on, just go and pick up whatever you want, for it makes no real difference! (except for the change in you pockets)

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Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 8.17.06 PM

Have you ever wondered what’s that second button in the Google home page that says “I’m Feeling Lucky”? Well, compared to Google’s all other easy to understand functionalities, this button actually made me google about the weird google search button. And voila! The history behind it will be pretty interesting for any non nerdy person. For the nerds are the ones who have actually cleared this doubt for us when we google it 🙂

So here is the apparent story. Previously, the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button would have taken you to the first web page returned for the search query directly, without showing the so called search results. So with one less click and elimination of any kind of browsing, Google directly took you to the web page that best suited your search keyword. Now that means, this button eliminated all possibilities of Ads and any revenue generated through the ads. Back when Marissa Mayer was the Vice President of Google Product Search, she said the “I’m feeling lucky” button was not ditched because “It’s possible to become too dry, too corporate, too much about making money.”

Well now that Google Instant has been introduced, which is nothing but predictive search, so when you start typing a word in the search text box, results automatically start appearing, rendering both the buttons with the names “Google Search” and “I’m Feeling Lucky” irrelevant.

Instead of making the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button obsolete though, Google has made it into another interesting feature. Now if we hover the mouse over the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, it shows a bunch of pre-configured phrases, which take us to various other Google features, like:

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 8.17.28 PM

“I’m Feeling Wonderful” – takes you to the Google World Wonders Project,
“I’m Feeling Playful” and “I’m Feeling Doodley” – takes you to the Google Doodle page,
“I’m Feeling Hungry” – searches for restaurants nearby,
“I’m Feeling Trendy”- takes you to Google Hot Searches,
“I’m Feeling Stellar” – takes you to Google Earth’s explore page,
“I’m Feeling Puzzled” – takes you to the A Google A Day page,
“I’m Feeling Artistic” – takes you to Google’s Art Project page.

So, now you know the past and present of “I’m Feeling Lucky” button! Now go feel lucky yourself 🙂

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Coca-Cola : The Story of Coke

I personally avoid carbonated drinks, but I get the charm of flaunting a bottle or a can of Coke (a trademark of Coca-Cola company since March 27, 1944) and allowing it to help us gush down one slice of pizza after another till we are in the verge of puking. I said I get the charm of it, I did not say I recommend it 🙂 That’s totally up to you.! Now to the interesting part..

Coca-Cola's  political history 2

I personally avoid carbonated drinks, but I get the charm of flaunting a bottle or a can of Coke (a trademark of Coca-Cola company since March 27, 1944) and allowing it to help us gush down one slice of pizza after another till we are in the verge of puking. I said I get the charm of it, I did not say I recommend it 🙂 That’s totally up to you.! Now to the interesting part..

For those who wonder who concocted the formula of Coca Cola, (yes I said formula, not a recipe, huge difference there.!) it was a pharmacist named John Pemberton, who, believe it or not, intended it to be introduced as a patented medicine!

While serving in the Confederate Army, Colonel Pemberton sustained an injury caused by a saber which was slashed across his chest. And hence began his addiction to Morphine to ease the pain. In 1866, looking for an opium-free alternate to Morphine, Pemberton formulated the prototype Coca-Cola recipe at his “Eagle Drug and Chemical House” in Columbus, Georgia, originally as a coca wine, which he called “Pemberton’s French wine coca, registering it in 1885 as French Wine Coca nerve tonic. In 1886, due to prohibition legislation passed, he developed the non-alcoholic version of his French Wine Coca, calling it the Coca-Cola.

Soon after his product hit the markets, Pemberton fell ill and nearly bankrupt and he, along with his son Charley, sold the patent to Asa Candler, though Charley had the title to the name “Coca-Cola” and continued selling a cruder mix of the original Coca Cola recipe under the same name, where as Candler was forced to sell the beverage he produced from the patented recipe under different names, namely “Yum Yum” and “Koke”, which apparently didn’t do so well. Finally, in 1888, Candler managed to become the sole proprietor of Coca-Cola, after managing to get the exclusive rights to the name “Coca-Cola”, right after John Pemberton’s death.

Interesting story, isn’t it! Well, then the fact that’s going to stump you next, is that Coca-Cola, in its early days, contained nine milligrams for cocaine per glass! That sounds dangerous! And that’s putting it mildly. Fortunately, in 1903, it was removed. After 1904, instead of using fresh coca leaves, the company started using “spent leaves” with trace levels of cocaine. And since then, Coca-Cola uses cocaine-free Coca leaf extract prepared at the only plant authorized by the Federal Government to import and process the coca plant, Stephen Company plant, in Maywood, New Jersey.

Well then, it’s safe to say Coca-Cola crossed some difficult and adventurous paths before landing on every dinner table!

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Chicken Wings – A Delicious History

Well, I am a vegetarian, but if you allow me a little wiggle room in terms of terminology, I would call myself a fooditarian 🙂  I love to watch, learn and try new recipes. Since the time I met my husband, I feel equal love for meat since my he is a huge meat lover. So, here begins the crusade to learn more about everything that’s about food. And in that journey, the first chapter is “CHICKEN WINGS”.

Curious as to what’s there in those tiny wings, I started with googling the history about how chicken wings came into existence, like who founded the recipe that’s the base for the multi million dollar businesses today, and I found, the recipe of Chicken wings was the brain child of Teressa Bellissimo, right inside her family restaurant “Anchor Bar” in Buffalo, New York. Teressa Bellisimo, along with her husband Frank Bellisimo founded the restaurant in 1939.

Chicken wings, which was, half a century back, one of the least favorite cuts of the bird, mostly used in making chicken stock, has now become one of the most sought after. And the delicious recipe was apparently concocted by accident and pure Teressa genius !

There are apparently two versions of history, one told by Frank Bellisimo to New Yorker writer Calvin Trillin, that the invention of this recipe was based on a delivery mistake, where they were delivered chicken wings instead of necks, which the restaurant used to cook Spaghetti sauce. To avoid the wastage of the wings, Frank asked Teressa to concoct a recipe made out of wings.

The second version given by Teressa and Frank’s son Dominic, seems like a continuation of the first version, a happy story for the Chicken wing lovers of today. According to Dominic, who had taken over the restaurant from his parents in 70s, It was a late Friday night in 1964, and he was drinking with his friends in the restaurant, and asked his mother to whip up something for them to eat, and his mother apparently created this whirlwind recipe !

Well, bless the Bellissiomo family and the guys who wrongly delivered the chicken wings to them instead of necks and Dominic’s friends who wanted something to snack on late in the night, because if not for all the above incidents or coincidences, we would not have this delicious recipe of Chicken wings, and instead just the wings that go wasted in the stock.!

Fun Fact : July 29 is celebrated as National Chicken Wing Day !

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